MIAMI BEACH Turns 100 Today!

On March 26th, 1915, 100 years ago today, Miami Beach became an official, incorporated city. This 2.5 square mile barrier island, now home to almost 100,000 residents and a vacation spot to millions, began as a plantation.  In a recent contemplative moment I realized that the mangoes, coconuts, pineapples and guavas that we see now more frequently in cocktails, use to grow right under the beachfront barstools.  While a few of those fruit trees are still found around town, South Florida's family farms surely produce a bounty of exotic fruits year round and I love to make locally inspired cocktails with them.  

In the spirit of Miami Beach's centennial birthday, I created a couple of hyper-local cocktails from 'field to flask' in that they highlight not only our produce but also a couple of our South Florida distilleries, Miami Club Rum and Cape Spirits' Wicked Dolphin Rum.  

See recipes below and related articles here:  Miami New Times, Edible South Florida

The Indian Creek

1.5 oz Miami Club Rum

2 oz fresh blood orange juice

1½ oz coconut water

¼ oz simple syrup

½ oz lime juice

1 mint leaf

Blend all the above, serve over ice and garnish with a mint sprig

The Indian Creek

The Indian Creek

Sobe Centurion

1.5 oz Wicked Dolphin Rum

2 oz guava puree

2 oz starfruit puree

5 chili flakes

½ oz lime juice

Blend all the above, serve over ice and garnish with a bay rum leaf on a toothpick.

SoBe Centurion

SoBe Centurion

Let's toast to another 100 years above sea level!